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University of Indonesia Research: Gojek Enables Millions of Partners to Survive the Pandemic, Contributes USD 7.1 Billion to Indonesia’s Economy in 2019

University of Indonesia Research: Gojek Enables Millions of Partners to Survive the Pandemic, Contributes USD 7.1 Billion to Indonesia’s Economy in 2019
Gojek / 5 Aug 2020

Hi Gojekers,

Creating a positive social impact has been central to Gojek’s DNA from the very beginning and we are humbled to see that the findings from a new research by the Demographic Institute of the University of Indonesia’s Economics and Business School dubbed as Lembaga Demografi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia (LD FEB UI) reflect our efforts to enable inclusive growth for our ecosystem of partners and home market, Indonesia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a very difficult period of adjustment for all of us. However, our focus has been to leverage Gojek’s digital ecosystem model to broaden our social impact to help our partners and society. 

The LD FEB UI study,“The Role of Gojek Ecosystem during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” further finds the following far-reaching social impact which Gojek has created for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) during the pandemic:

  • Gojek has become an economic buffer for those whose income is affected by COVID-19. As many as 40% of MSMEs surveyed joined GoFood at the onset of the pandemic (since March 2020), and 90% are micro-scale businesses, while 43% are first-time business owners.
  • 24% of MSMEs surveyed were former private-sector employees (up from 18% from before the pandemic).
  • As many as 92% of MSMEs say they were able to adapt quickly in the pandemic due to Gojek, and almost 50% say they would not be able to survive if they were not part of the Gojek ecosystem.
  • 90% of MSMEs are optimistic they can recover and grow further by continuing to partner with Gojek for at least the next 5 years.
  • MSMEs feel supported by Gojek’s solutions, from GoBiz, cashless payments, intra-city deliveries, to non-tech support such as promotional periods and COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.

While for driver-partners, a May 2020 UI study titled Experiences of Gojek Driver-Partners during the COVID-19 Pandemic, found that:

  • A majority (89%) of drivers have received social aid from Gojek, and 84% appreciated the support given by the company.
  • Drivers have a strong spirit of collaboration, with almost half (44%) giving aid to other drivers.
  • Although they are impacted by the pandemic, 73% of drivers remain optimistic their income will recover, and 89% plan on continuing to stay on as driver-partners.

The LD FEB UI study also looked at Gojek’s impact before the pandemicand found the impact as follows:

  • Gojek’s total contribution to Indonesia’s national economy reached USD 7.1 billion (IDR104.6 trillion) in 2019.
  • The total income earned by Gojek partners surveyed is equal to 1% of Indonesia's GDP in 2019

All of the research findings shows that Indonesian society does not give up on the difficult situation and embody our Cerdikiawan aspiration that there’ll always be a way.

Find out more on Gojek’s social and economic impact in LD FEB UI’s complete research in this link.