How Dua Belibis spices up its sales funnel with GoMart and Gojek Ads Network campaigns
How Dua Belibis spices up its sales funnel with GoMart and Gojek Ads Network campaigns
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

The Background

Spicy food entices Indonesians’ tongues of steel. Where chili has become an essential ingredient in Indonesian cuisines, no wonder sambal – or chili sauce – is a staple at the dinner table. Chili sauce goes beyond just a condiment nowadays, and as part of the everyday dining element, it is a popular demand in the market.

Dua Belibis is one of the well-known chili sauce brands that has been in Indonesia since 1970, with its distinguished traditional sambal taste. Made with a hot and rich blend of chilies, tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, and other quality seasonings, Dua Belibis presents a taste that adds to the enjoyment and does not change the flavor of the dish. This becomes the story of Dua Belibis’ brand message, expressed through the “Pedes Yang Bener” (simply translated as “True Spicy”) campaign. 

The Challenge

The social restrictions due to the global pandemic have limited outdoor activities. which led to a decline in sales at supermarkets and other offline retail shops. There was a major shift in behavior where people opted to shop online due to safety and convenience reasons. Realizing this phenomenon, Dua Belibis expanded its online sales channels, one of which was through GoMart.

In the pursuit of Dua Belibis aiming to reach people who looked for a quick, simple, and safe online shopping experience, GoMart was considered a winning solution as it covers omnipresent convenience stores and supermarkets. GoMart was also able to deliver the items quickly as it can direct people to shop at the nearest merchants.

The Solutions

Dua Belibis’ tasty hot sauce with competitive pricing has made them a leading brand in the mass market. By partnering with us, they now sought to increase brand awareness of their product availability with exclusive deals in GoMart, as well as to expand their appeal in mobile commerce.

To captivate the target audience’s attention in GoMart, the campaign offered a special promotion of up to 50% off for Dua Belibis products through in-app shopping at a top convenience retail store in Indonesia. 

We understood that to increase people's awareness and interests, adopting a multi-channel approach in digital space was necessary. This exclusive campaign was then placed on GoMart homepage banner, retail merchant page banner, and retail merchant popular product page – these are in-app advertisements that bring an edge to their campaign.

It didn’t stop there. With the ability to narrow down to target the relevant audience, the campaign was spread out to Facebook and Instagram via Gojek Ads Network (GoGAN). All these strategies landed on Dua Belibis products on the retail merchant page in GoMart.

The campaign ran from September to October 2021 for about 3 weeks. It aimed at Gojek users in the Greater Jakarta area and major cities in Indonesia where GoMart services were available.

The Results

The digital campaign with Gojek enabled Dua Belibis not only to thrive in driving consumer awareness of their products in GoMart, but also to ramp up their sales. 


With the versatile nature of chili sauce products and different varieties of them that are available in the market, there’s a heated battle for brands to appeal to new audiences and keep them both in the online and offline worlds.

Gojek’s unique ads and promo solutions empower brands to utilize our ability to connect retailers to consumers directly, and at the same time, set the brand to stand out with our in-app banner ads and social media ads. 

We also helped brands identify their target audience, which contributed to a hit in the campaign placement and results. With a high chance of the target audience converting into purchases, this is bound to increase their overall sales. Further, these brought a positive result in GoGAN optimization as the impressions delivered topped the target impression, which ultimately generated a lower CPM.

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