Gojek Appreciates Top Performing Driver-Partners through Driver Jempolan Awards
Gojek Appreciates Top Performing Driver-Partners through Driver Jempolan Awards
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Gojek receives hundreds of stories daily from our customers about the excellent service given by Gojek drivers and how much this is really appreciated by them. Therefore, Gojek took the initiative to develop ‘Driver Jempolan’ award, as a token of appreciation to drivers. All driver-partners certainly have the opportunity to become a Driver Jempolan by fulfilling the specified conditions. These include; still active as a Gojek driver, has a rating above average, has a good track record, and most importantly, the drivers provide excellent service to the customers or have a positive contribution in the community.

This award is given quarterly to 10 driver-partners in major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar. However, it is possible that Gojek will also give this Driver Jempolan award to drivers in other cities. Until now, there are more than 80 Driver Jempolans distributed all over Indonesia. Gojek believes that there are still a lot of driver-partners who deserve to be given a Driver Jempolan title.

To make sure that no Driver Jempolan candidate is missed out, you can also help us find them! Tell us about your experience with a Driver Jempolan here. If your story is selected, then you will get GoRide & GoCar vouchers worth a total of IDR 300,000. And of course, there will be an appreciation for the driver-partners you nominated as the Driver Jempolan. 

What kind of person is a Driver Jempolan? Here are some of the examples. One of the driver-partners that has been awarded for Driver Jempolan is Mr Maman who is a GoRide driver in Jakarta. He provided a complete package for customer conveniences like power banks, umbrellas, slippers, raincoats, and snacks that he prepared beforehand for free.

Not only for customers, but he also continued to spread his kindness by providing a free crane for motorbike riders and he is always ready with his first aid kit for anyone who needed help. He has a belief to do only good deeds every day because it could be his last day on earth. Let’s watch his dedication here: 

In addition to that, there is another Driver Jempolan, Mr Imam Suachadij. He is a GoCar driver in Semarang. Through his kindness, he was viral in social media because he had helped a mother who was about to give birth. He found the exhausted mother at the side of the road and then Mr Suachadij took her quickly to the nearest hospital using his car.

As the amniotic water has broken in Mr Suachadij's car, at no time the mother has to give birth in her car. He said that an incident like this had not only happened to him once. He had also escorted a corpse and delivered a patient with a heart attack to the hospital nearby. Watch the video below to find out more about Pak Imam's heroic stories:

Through positive stories as above, GOJEK hopes the Driver Jempolan award can motivate driver-partners to continue improving their services and contributing positively in the community.