Bengkel Belajar Mitra Has Now Launched in 5 Major Cities in Indonesia!
Bengkel Belajar Mitra Has Now Launched in 5 Major Cities in Indonesia!
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Hi Gojekers, 

Gojek continues to show its commitment to empower driver-partners, to improve their welfare and service quality standard. In order to realise Gojek’s commitment to driver-partners, in 2019, the educational platform called Bengkel Belajar Mitra finally launched in  five major cities in Indonesia.

Bengkel Belajar Mitra is a monthly event developed to equip driver-partners with knowledge and skills in various fields, especially in regards to the topic of service excellent and self- development. In addition, the workshop is also an effort by Gojek to improve the quality of partners as the frontline of Gojek services. We hope that the benefits could be experienced by the partners themselves and customers in the future.

In relation to this initiative, Monita Moerdani, VP Transport Marketing Gojek, revealed, "We invite all to the workshop to gain new knowledge and has invited experts to lead the class so the knowledge can easily be understood. Additionally, we want all driver-partners to gain new knowledge which can improve their quality of life."

Since it was first held at the end of 2018, Bengkel Belajar Mitra has attracted attention and received a positive response from a lot of driver-partners including Andri, a GoCar Driver (Komunitas Depok Online Bersatu) who attended first aid training. "This BBM event is very useful for us, especially for the Unit Reaksi Cepat (URC) division, because the critical first steps in an emergency situation are taught clearly and in detail. Hopefully, it will be held again. Gojek is TOP!" Andri said.

The same positive response was also expressed by Darwin, a GoRide driver who attended English Language skills training. He said, "Because of BBM English language skill workshop, it helps to  increase our knowledge as well as our performance."

Andika Susilo (32), a driver-partner who has joined Gojek three years ago, also feels the benefit from the entrepreneurship training provided. The driver-partner, who established a culinary business with his wife, has registered his business as a GoFood merchant since three months ago.

"Bandeng Presto Sambel Ulek Bu Sri is a business that I developed with my wife. I want to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the Gojek ecosystem. We really feel Gojek's support through this training. "Hopefully this training will not stop here and we can develop our business through GoFood," Andika said.

Following the success of the launch of Bengkel Belajar Mitra in 2018, this year the workshop is expanded to five major cities of Indonesia such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, and Makassar in January 2019, as well as Medan in February2019.

With the spirit of empowering Gojek driver-partners, they will be equipped with a lot of new skills and understanding gained through these knowledge-sharing sessions. Bengkel Belajar Mitra focuses on two major topics under service excellence and self development. These topics are constantly being tailored to the needs of the driver-partners. Therefore, it does not stop the possibility that other interesting topic may arise in the future.  

Currently, under the umbrella of self-development, partners will explore the topics of entrepreneurship and financial management. The various topics being taught under the main categories are such:


Some experts are invited to be the speaker in the Bengkel Belajar Mitra workshop to teach a selected topic according to their expertise. Past speakers included Farah Dini, Vice CEO of Jouska Indonesia, and Dennis Perez, from Tutor and English Today, Sonny Arca Adrianto, owner of Martabak Orins and Ivan Muliadi from SIAGA and there are many other individuals.

After giving financial management class, Farah Dini, Vice CEO of Jouska Indonesia, expressed that the driver-partners must understand their primary and secondary needs to better manage their finances, as well as acknowledging the importance of health insurance.

"We have to know the cost of our basic needs. So it’s important to record our spendings. Sometimes how much we have (income) is only in our minds, and there are a lot of expenses spent before we could save," she said.

In line with Farah Dini, Dennis Perez from Tutor and English Today also conveyed a positive opinion on the initiative to teaching English skills to better driver-partners’ service quality. "I think events like this can make them (drivers) more confident, and it’s an important aspect of learning English —not vocabulary, not grammar, or pronunciation— but the confidence. Confident in talking,” said Dennis Perez who was interviewed after English Language Skills training.

Bengkel Belajar Mitra will gradually expand to other cities in Indonesia and add new topics accordingly to the needs of driver-partners. Do you want to know the latest news about Bengkel Belajar Mitra? Keep up with Gojek Indonesia's official Instagram account and Gojek Indonesia’s Twitter!