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#UninstallKhawatir with GOJEK’s New Features

#UninstallKhawatir with GOJEK’s New Features
Gojek / 14 Mar 2019

Your safety is our priority. That is why we are committed to develop new features and services to serve you better. Learn more about our Safety Features, Driver’s Training Program, and Passenger Insurance Policy so you can have peace of mind every time you ride with us:


GOJEK users continue to inspire our innovation. Every new feature we have developed is our answer to all of your concerns and inputs that we have gathered through our Customer Care Unit and social media platforms.

Emergency Button*

We hope you never find yourself in a situation where you need to use the Emergency Button. But if you do, the Emergency Button works as a speed dial to contact GOJEK's emergency unit.


Here’s how it works:

  • Once you are connected to our safety agents, state your
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Order number
    • Driver's name
  • In the case of emergency, our team will ask for your location and our special unit will be dispatched.  

Our safety agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*Our Emergency Button is available for GO-CAR service in all Indonesia area and GO-RIDE service in Jabodetabek.

Share Trip

This button allows you to inform your loved ones about your trip details. This is your go-to button so they can be assured of your location and have a piece of mind while using our services. Share Trip button is available on GO-RIDE and GO-CAR in all Indonesia area. 


With the Share Trip feature, you can share a link to chosen contacts via SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp or Line containing the following information:

  1. Pickup and Drop Destination
  2. Driver Details (name, license plate, rating, order number)
  3. Ride status and ETA
  4. The route your driver is taking


To ensure that we can deliver the best experience, GOJEK iscommitted to maintain the quality of our drivers. All of our new driver partners receive standard training material so that they can provide the best service for our passengers and get them to their destination safely. Learn more about our recruitment process and additional training received by driver partners after they join GOJEK.

Driver Quality Assurance

Each driver is screened through our controlled end to end recruitment process. It starts with submitting required documents such as ID Card (KTP), Driver’s License (SIM), Vehicle Registration Document (STNK) and lastly Police Report (SKCK). Once they have passed this stage, they will receive an onboarding module, which contains:

  1. Operating the navigation app
  2. Maintaining vehicle condition
  3. Awareness of traffic rules & regulations
  4. Standardized service training

Continuous Education

In addition to our standard onboarding materials, we distribute regular education content to our drivers that cover Booking Procedure, Manners, Safety and Comfort in order to give you the best service experience. Click to find out more: Trik Ngetrip.

Safety Riding Program

For the past four years, over 300 thousand GOJEK drivers in 17 cities have joined the Rifat Driving Lab program, led by UN ambassador for safety riding, Rifat Sungkar. This ongoing training program approximately train ten thousand drivers each month to drive safely on the road. Rifat Driving Lab program covers the following areas to help set a high safety standard among our drivers:

  1. Education on responsibility, patience, empathy
  2. Defensive riding
  3. Safety riding
  4. Pre-trip vehicle inspection
  5. Practical session

Driver Workshops

We have conducted regular workshops for GOJEK driver partners starting late 2018 to improve their skills. Bengkel Belajar Mitra (BBM) covers different topics to help improve service excellence, as well as our drivers’ entrepreneurial know how.

BBM is carried out every month in 5 cities across Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar). Click to learn more: Bengkel Belajar Mitra.


GOJEK’s Passenger Insurance Coverage*

We collaborate with one of the trusted insurance providers, to offer insurance coverage for our passengers as a form of our commitment to ensure your safety.

. Click to learn more about our Passenger Insurance, including its benefits and how to claim insurance here: GO-RIDE Passenger Insurance Guide

* This is currently available for GO-RIDE service throughout Indonesia

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