Meet The Coders: Arlinda (PM Core Backend)
Meet The Coders: Arlinda (PM Core Backend)
gohr / 24 Feb 2024

In this edition, we had an interview session with one of the PM Core Backend Arlinda, who responsible for GO-MED, GO-MART, GO-SEND, GO-FOOD, payment request, driver service, and many more.  Long time ago, I got the message in Slack from Bimo Bergas, also Head of Core Backend- who already moved to Bangalore now-, said that I should meet Arlinda. He said that there’s a lot of lesson learned from someone who get used to work in chaotic systems like Arlinda. And it quite a long time, to make this interview happens. 

It was good to meet a humble person like her. Sssst, although she looks younger, she’s actually have a 3 y.o child. But then, for her, family has never been the obstacle to create an impact. Because she thought, family and work are inseparable, because they can work together. 

Wanna knows her thoughts? Check out my interview with her.  

What makes you proud of your job?
Because I can see directly the impact of my work. I remember when I made the auto withdrawal, there was a driver who thanked me. I feel blessed because the driver didn’t need to wait too long anymore. 

What experience you get in GO-JEK that you didn’t get somewhere else?
I have started working since college. But there is one thing in GO-JEK that I can’t get in other companies which is a knowledge. There’s a lot of knowledge that can be learned in GO-JEK, ranging from new technologies to the knowledge gained from the experience that others have done. 

Moreover, since I use GO-RIDE on a daily basis I am able to obtain direct fedbacks from drivers.  It helps me to figure out what have been missing and what can be improved from the application.

Can you share one of the most meaningful moments you have in GO-JEK?
It’s actually not the meaningful, but probably the most memorable moment for me. It was the time when we were about to launch GO-CAR and GO-PAY at the same time. 

That time while we were launched the GO-CAR and new GO-PAY from GO-JEK Credit at the same time. The launch was unplanned, because someone from my team accidentally pushed the publish button. The products were in the App store but they were not ready to use. It was a dilemma whether to rollback the products or to continue. Since Management decided to keep running the products, we had to deploy back-end and within a day
we successfully made it 

Can you share one thing you have in GO-JEK? That you can share with GO-TROOPS recently?
You Can’t Do Anything Alone. In tech team, particularly in Software Development, teamwork is everything. You cannot run alone. If you achieved something, that’s because of the team’s support & effort, not individual’s. Firstly, the team is not about Bangalore vs local team, but Tech team as a unity. 

Secondly, for me GO-JEK is a place to learn. This place is filled by so many great people that you can learn from. So I used this opportunity well. I have been given the opportunity to learn as much as I am now.

And that's something that we can learn from Arlinda. Good luck and keep inspiring, Arlinda!