A Story Behind GO-JEK Hero Award 2017
A Story Behind GO-JEK Hero Award 2017
gohr / 24 Feb 2024

One of the reasons why GO-JEK HERO AWARDS was inspiring for me was to meet each of the nominees and truly understand WHY they were voted by their peers. These are the people who are loved and respected by GO-TROOPS. And if Antoine has mentioned that our people are our greatest assets, now I understand what makes them (and us) great assets for GO-JEK.

I learn, they have amazing PASSION. Passion for learning and passion for their work.

One of them says “Working in GO-JEK doesn’t feel like working. It feels like going to school and getting paid for it.” That is passion for learning, because our work becomes a platform to learn from our work, from other people and from our challenges. And it makes me question, what do I learn today? How am I raising the bar today?

I learn that there is a difference between focusing on the JOB and focusing on the TASK. If we just focus on the task, we’re just completing our checklist. But if we focus on the job, if we really understand the essence and impact of the job, we can be really focused and that triggers our curiosity. It makes me question, all these times, am I focusing on the JOB or still on the TASK?

I also learn, from all of these heroes, that making an impact is by doing the little things with extreme excellence. You don’t have to be the smartest or most assertive or the best in something, you just have to have that PASSION for the work, CURIOSITY to learn more and GRIT to move through challenges.

I learn, this is who we are as Go-Troops. This is what makes us strong. And this what can make our 2017 even stronger.

Congratulations to all the nominess and winners. Thank you for inspiring us.

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