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Give the Gift of a GoFood Voucher to That Special Someone

Give the Gift of a GoFood Voucher to That Special Someone
GoFood · 7 Oct 2020

Hi GoFoodies,

In a pickle for a gift? Why not give the gift of a GoFood Voucher? In the pursuit to engage customers with the Gojek brand, GoFood partnered with Lazada to bring customers Voucher Gifting. Check it out over here.

Indonesians have always had a strong culture of gift-giving, most notably in the form of food! With the pandemic looming over our heads, the gifting culture has only grown stronger with fellow Indonesians showing their appreciation for one another with gifts rather than their physical presence. At Gojek, we hope that we can continue to extend that appreciation from us to our customers in whatever form possible.

Voucher Gifting is really quite simple: think gift cards, but in the form of a voucher. So instead of buying vouchers for yourself, you can now buy them for other people too! Partnering with Lazada has made it possible for us to do just that. Just enter your intended recipient’s email address upon checkout and voila!They will receive a GoFood voucher in a few seconds. You can gift vouchers as low as Rp10,000 to as high as Rp75,000, depending on how generous you are feeling of course.

As a huge thank you to you, our fellow Gojek customers, Gojek is kicking-off Voucher Gifting by discounting our vouchers by up to 33% during Lazada’s 10.10 campaign! Hurry up and get a voucher while stocks last! But don’t fret, if you miss 10.10 the vouchers will still be available for purchase until year-end, though it would be without the mouth-watering discount… 

Well, what are you waiting for? Get that special someone the gift of a satisfied tummy with a GoFood voucher!