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GoFood Virtual Store for a Thriving Business

GoFood Virtual Store for a Thriving Business
GoFood / 24 Jul 2020

No business or industry has been spared from the devastating effects of COVID-19 across the globe. However, as the pandemic continues to pose challenges, a glimpse of hope is shown by the positive growth in certain categories of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. According to Kantar Indonesia1, increased volume was captured across all consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories in the first quarter of 2020 spearheaded by the food categories. At the same time, Nielsen’s recent survey2 also showed that consumers have started cooking at home more often during the pandemic, and this has boosted the sales growth of staples and fresh products.

Despite some opportunities, COVID-19 also presents undeniable challenges. It is anticipated that physical distancing would remain as a new way of life and consumer preference will rely more on the digital channels. Therefore, reshaping digital strategy by embedding technology throughout the entire consumer’s journey is a must. The next big question, is your business ready for the new world of commerce?

At Gojek, we design business solutions for our partners so that they can better engage consumers, merchant partners, and service providers while enabling them to grow and thrive in the current world.

We are delighted to bring in GoFood Virtual Store, an eCommerce solution for FMCG brands to seamlessly fulfil consumers’ demand through a digital channel. GoFood Virtual store presents opportunities for brands to target the relevant users, build awareness, unlock sales growth, and retain their loyal base by doing contextual marketing and promotions. 

GoFood Virtual Store also serves as a last-mile delivery which will allow your products to reach consumers faster and at the same time, encourages hygiene practice as it minimises physical contact. This end-to-end journey definitely brings delight to consumer experience and will subsequently improve brand trust and strengthen consumer preferences. 

Brands can leverage GoFood Virtual store in the following categories: 

How does the GoFood Virtual Store work?

GoFood Virtual Store offers a selection of high performing actionable advertising and promotional tools to help businesses drive sales and conversion rates by targeting specific segments, as well as wider audiences.

Moreover, we ensure a seamless end-to-end consumer journey starting from users discovering the brand’s virtual stores in Gojek app to having their orders delivered by our driver. 

To bring back purchases and build consumer purchasing habits, we bring in "Mission Loyalty Program" for Brands. The mission is a promotional tool where brands can give rewards to consumers as they complete a series of transactions at merchant’s outlets level.

Our recent case study showed that participating merchants who launched Mission for seven days showed significant sales growth of more than 25% compared to the prior campaign period!

Steps of Your Journey to Success with GoFood Virtual Store

Firstly, the assigned brand’s outlets will be onboarded into the GoFood platform, where they can start using the super app for merchants, GoBiz. GoBiz allows brands to manage the orders and inventory at the stores while understanding their consumers digitally.

GoFood will also allow brands to extend its outlets by tapping into a number of cloud kitchens as its additional distribution outlets. Cloud kitchen allows GoFood partners to be present at locations closer to consumers. Brands will only need to pay rental and variable fees and provide a chiller/freezer, while manpower will be handled by Gojek’s Cloud Kitchen team. A potential added benefit for the brands is to give out samples of their products with the orders from these outlets. 

GoFood Virtual Store Best Practices

Find out some of Gojek’s tips on how to boost brands’ sales in GoFood Virtual Store:

  1. Goods in bundles or packages sell better than single SKU. Or, you can make a special bundle that resonates the moment, such as a special bundle or limited edition bundle.
  2. Snacks category is the sweet spot for Brand, followed by RTD and Ready to Eat products.
  3. Consumers are sensitive to price, and providing a competitive price is beneficial.
  4. Utilize promo vouchers (delivery vouchers or cart vouchers) to drive purchases and retain your consumer using Mission. 

At Gojek, our continuous innovations have always been about providing solutions. We believe that strong digital infrastructure will support businesses to survive and thrive in this current world. Start building your online-based & unlock sales growth by meeting consumers demand with the best experience through GoFood Virtual Store!

We are open to collaborate! For questions and inquiries, please contact brandpartnership@gojek.com.