GoFood Top Banner, Ad with Flashy Position on GoFood Homepage
GoFood Top Banner, Ad with Flashy Position on GoFood Homepage
gofood / 24 Feb 2024

Consumers have a lot of interesting behaviours to learn. Understanding their behaviour has become a significant point for coming up with the right solutions and strategies. Let's start with one simple piece of information regarding consumer behaviour.
As much as 59% of consumers prefer to buy from a familiar brand or restaurant they are familiar with - Nielsen.

What are you imagining when you know that number? The obligation for you, as the restaurant owner is constantly making your restaurant get noticed by your potential customers. This initiative to make people more familiar with your restaurant is widely known as brand awareness.

Awareness of your restaurant's existence matters because your restaurant has to stand out in the sea of choices consumers face today. Remind yourself that 59% of consumers buy from familiar restaurants! These benefits along with a myriad of other benefits are testament to how brand awareness is a powerful concept that can have a huge impact on your business, consumer perceptions, and your income.

GoFood, as the growth central for our partners, always wants to provide advertising solutions that are effective, varied, and easy for partners to follow. We are very concerned about how partners need ad placement on GoFood that can help increase the brand awareness of your restaurant. 

Do you know you can feature your restaurant at the top of the GoFood homepage? That's right! You can advertise here with the GoFood Top Banner. You display your restaurant in the most strategic and visible location on the GoFood homepage.

The customer journey:

GoFood Top Banner's advantages compared to other advertisements:

  1. High awareness and exclusivity for your brand

Located at the top of GoFood Homepage, GoFood Top Banner presents a prominent key visual which attracts the attention of its viewers. With a significant banner size, the role of colour can turn out to be so optimal. You should know that 84.7% of consumers say colour is the top factor in ordering products. In addition, humans make unconscious decisions about a product in 90 seconds and 62% - 90% of those judgments are based on colour. 

  1. Flexibility to control your budget

You only pay based on how many times your banner is viewed by customers. Additionally, you can adjust your daily ad budget by setting a maximum daily view limit.

  1. Target nearby consumers

Your banner will be set up to a 5 km radius from your outlet(s) to target the right consumers at the right time. 90% of food orders come from locations less than or equal to 5 km away.

Now, GoFood Top Banner is available in the Greater Jakarta Area. To know more about GoFood Top Banner, please open this. Read deeper about GoFood Top Banner.

GoFood Top Banner is part of extensive GoAds, an advertising solution with Gojek. Do you intend to know more about GoFood Top Banner, Partner Jempolan, and other GoAds products, please contact your account manager.