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Request the cutlery only when you need it

Request the cutlery only when you need it
GoFood / 23 Jun 2022

Even though you don’t get cutlery in your order, you can still request them easily from the check-out page! Take a look at the steps below.

How to add cutlery for your GoFood order:

  1. Choose the menu that you want to order. Then, you will be directed to the check out page
  2. Check the “cutlery or straws” box 
  3. Click order, and then you just need to wait for your order to be delivered! 

It’s so easy, right? If you order GoFood from home or bring your own cutlery, you don’t need to check the box so there will not be any wasted cutlery. 

Let’s find your favorite menu and order it from GoFood from the link below: