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Get to Know More about GoClub Treasures

Get to Know More about GoClub Treasures
GoClub / 1 May 2022


Who doesn't like getting surprises? Especially if the surprise is fun and profitable! Well, for those of you who want to get a surprise that makes a profit, let's join GoClub! Because by joining GoClub you can get a surprise GoClub reward in the form of Treasure!

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What is Treasure?

Treasures are surprise gifts that you can get when you reach a certain point. When you reach a certain point, we will give you the opportunity to choose 1 (one) of the 3 (three) gift vouchers that we provide.

Treasure is different from Reward.

If Treasure is a surprise gift, Reward is an advantage that you will definitely get based on the level you reach (example: Anak Sultan can get 5x free busy hour). Check more information about Rewards here: GoClub Rewards 

For those of you who want to know what GoClub Treasures surprise gifts you might be able to get, check out the full info here.

How to find Treasures:

How to Claim Treasure?

  1. Click the Treasures banner on the GoClub homepage (the banner will only be shown when you reach a certain XP milestone)
  2. Choose 1 (one) out of 3 (three) vouchers offered
  3. Click ‘Choose’ to claim the voucher
  4. You can see the vouchers that you have claimed on the:
    1. ‘Treasure Chest’ by clicking the ‘See all’ button on GoClub main page
    2. ‘Voucher’ page on Promos menu
  5. Click to use the voucher.


  • You have 2 (two) weeks to claim the gift voucher. The Treasure’s validity period can also be seen on the banner.
  • The types and details of gift vouchers offered can be different for each member and for each treasure

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