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GoBox Insurance

GoBox Insurance
GoBox / 6 Mar 2023

Hi Gojekers,

We always want to provide the best experience for all Gojek users in terms of comfort, safety and protection when using GoBox service.

Therefore, as of 29th June 2020 we collaborate with Pasarpolis to provide insurance for every user on items that are shipped with GoBox service. To find out more, here is complete information about GoBox insurance.

Lost or Damaged Goods

Type of Insurance and Coverage Value

Every time a user uses GoBox service through Gojek application, the user will get insurance coverage to a maximum of Rp 10,000,000 (ten million Rupiah).

The user can also choose a higher coverage up to Rp 1,000,000,000 (one billion Rupiah). The details of insurance fee and the maximum coverage can be seen below.


Insurance Fee

Up to Rp 10,000,000


Up to Rp 25,000,000

Rp 10,000

Up to Rp 30,000,000

Rp 12,500

Up to Rp 50,000,000

Rp 15,000

Up to Rp 100,000,000

Rp 20,000

Up to Rp 200,000,000

Rp 30,000

Up to Rp 500,000,000

Rp 50,000

Up to Rp 1,000,000,000

Rp 100,000

Note: each claim will be charged with 2.5% of the applicable coverage value of the lost or damaged goods, which shall take into account its depreciation value.

How to Claim

To submit a claim for lost or damaged goods, the user can report by contacting

  1. Gojek Call Center: 021-5084-9000
  2. Gojek E-mail: customerservice@gojek.com

We can only process the claim of lost or damaged goods if (i) such goods are not included as goods that cannot be covered by insurance as can be found under the the “Non-Covered Goods” section; (ii) the submission of claim does not exceed the time limit as can be seen in the "Time Limit for Claim Submission", and (iii) the details of goods are correctly provided under the item description section when the user places an order.

Additionally, in submitting a claim, the user must provide information about the lost or damaged goods and prepare the required documents within the specified time as can be seen in the "Required Documents for Claim Process".

Time Limit for Claim Submission 

The maximum time limit for submitting a claim is 7 (seven) business days since the item is lost or damaged. We and/or the insurance provider cannot process the claim further if the user does not submit the claim within the period as described above.

Timeline for Claim Processing 

Submission of a claim will be investigated and reviewed by us and/or the insurance provider. We and/or the insurance provider will ask the user to send the required documents within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) calendar days after the claim is submitted. If the submission and documents have been verified, complete, and are ready to be processed, the insurance provider will transfer the value within a maximum of 6 (six) working days.

Covered Goods

  • Lost or damaged goods that meet the terms and conditions of GoBox service and/or the insurance provider will be covered to a maximum of the coverage value that the user has chosen.
  • In order to be eligible to make a claim, the user must have provided the details of Goods correctly in the item description section when placing an order.
  • The user must also provide evidence of value of goods (such as receipt of purchase or repair of goods) when making a claim. Failing to do so, GoBox and/or the insurance provider will use the following conditions to calculate the value of the goods:
    • Lost goods: to be calculated based on the maximum coverage per item based on the table below or the market price (if type of good isn't in the table);
    • Damaged goods: to be calculated based on market value.
  • In the event that the Goods cannot be categorized into any type of goods in the table below and its market value cannot be determined, then the value shall be equal to the goods’ material (for example: if work documents are lost/damaged, then the value is equal to the documents’ paper value).

Type of Goods

Maximum Coverage / item

Animals & Pet Supplies

Rp 200,000

Apparel & Accessories

Rp 300,000

Arts & Entertainment

Rp 200,000

Baby & Toddler

Rp 200,000

Business & Industrial

Rp 200,000

Cameras & Optics

Rp 5,000,000


Rp 5,000,000

Household Appliances

Rp 5,000,000

Food, Beverage & Tobacco

Rp 300,000


Rp 1,000,000


Rp 200,000

Health & Beauty

Rp 200,000

Home & Garden

Rp 200,000

Luggage & Bags

Rp 200,000


Rp 200,000


Rp 200,000

Office Supplies

Rp 200,000

Religious & Ceremonial

Rp 200,000


Rp 200,000

Sporting Goods

Rp 200,000

Gym Equipment

Rp 1,000,000

Toys & Games

Rp 200,000

Vehicles & Parts

Rp 1,000,000

Non-Covered Goods

  • Restricted Goods, including but not limited to:
      1. Money (cash, coins, foreign currency);
      2. Narcotics, marijuana, morphine, and other products that cause addiction;
      3. Pornography in any form;
      4. Delivery that requires a longer duration than the required transit time;
      5. Living animals and plants;
      6. Easily damaged groceries and beverages that require refrigeration or a controlled environment;
      7. Explosives, firearms, weapons, and parts thereof;
      8. Gambling device and lottery ticket;
      9. Government-controlled goods;
      10. Goods resulting from crime, for example stolen goods and so on; and/or
      11. Other goods which are prohibited by applicable laws and regulations
  • Extraordinary Goods, including but not limited to:
      1. Artworks, including works made or done using creative skills, sense or talents for sale, exhibited or collected, including, but not limited to items (and parts thereof) such as paintings, drawings, vases, rugs;
      2. Films, photographic images, including negative photography, chromes photography, photography slides;
      3. Commodities that are naturally very vulnerable to damage, or highly variable market values, or difficult to ascertain;
      4. Antiques, commodities that show the style or fashion of a past era whose history, age or scarcity contributes to its value. These items include but are not limited to, furniture, tableware, glasses, and collectibles such as coins, stamps;
      5. Glassware in the form of jewelry, including costume jewelry, watches and parts thereof, gemstones or stones (noble or semiprecious) industrial diamonds and jewelry made of precious metal;
      6. Animal hair, including but not limited to fur clothing, clothing with trimming and furry skin;
      7. Precious Metals, including but not limited to gold and silver bars or powder, deposits or platinum (except as an integral part of electronic machinery)
      8. Digital goods and / or intangible goods containing the conversion of refill units that have economic value, such as electric pulse vouchers, electric game vouchers, electric tokens; 
      9. Stamps, excise on liquor, stamp duty;
      10. Bloodstock; and/or
      11. Gold Coins (must be packaged with coin headers or Safe-T Mailers and must be kept from touching one another or wrapped in layered material)
  • Valuable Documents, including but not limited to:
      1. Land Ownership Certificate and/or Right of Land Ownership Certificate (SHM) and Building Exploitation Permit (HGB);
      2. Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership (BPKB), Graduation Certificate, Passport; and/or
      3. Other Bank Deposit Bond Certificates defined by us as Valuable Documents.
  • Goods that exceed the capacity (weight and volume) of the vehicle as stated in the GoBox application and the provisions of the legislation

Required Documents for Claim Process

Mandatory documents:

  1. Photo of the user’s Identity Card (KTP);
  2. Screenshot of order details;
  3. Validation of chronological of event from Gojek’s call center;
  4. Bank account data; and
  5. Nominal of claim,

(hereinafter referred to as the “Required Documents”)

Damaged goods:

  1. The Required Documents;
  2. Photograph of evidence of ownership over goods (such as receipt of payment over goods);
  3. Statement letter regarding the condition of goods prior to delivery and statement letter from the driver and/or shipper (template provided by the GoBox team);
  4. Photograph of damaged goods (photograph of the entire good and the part that is damaged);
  5. Photograph of police statement letter (if claim is due to an accident during the delivery);
  6. Photograph of invoice for reparation of good (if such good has already been repaired);
  7. Destroyed goods (if required by insurance provider);
  8. List of damaged goods; and
  9. Other documents if needed.

Lost goods:

  1. TheRequired Documents;
  2. Photograph of evidence of ownership over goods (such as receipt of payment over goods);
  3. Statement letter from the driver and/or shipper (template provided by the GoBox team);
  4. Photograph of damaged vehicle due to forced opening (if any);
  5. Photograph of police statement letter;
  6. List of lost goods; and
  7. Other documents if needed.