Easy Way to Upgrade GoPay Plus
Easy Way to Upgrade GoPay Plus
gopay / 24 Feb 2024

Not only your look that needs to be upgraded, but also your GoPay account to GoPay Plus! You will get various additional features from GoPay Plus that will make your transaction experience easier, compared to a regular GoPay account. What’s even more exciting is that you will get many exclusive promos as a GoPay Plus user!

Here are some amazing features offered after upgrading your account to GoPay Plus:

  1. GoPay Money Back Guarantee
    Extra protection GoPay balances for GoPay Plus users, when you lose your balance due to misuse of a Gojek account beyond your control.
  2. Higher Limit
    With GoPay Plus, you can have your GoPay balance up to Rp10.000.000.
  3. Sending GoPay Balance
    As a GoPay Plus user, you will only need a phone number to transfer your GoPay balance to another user. Splitting the bill for lunch with your friends could be done in a second!
  4. Transfer to Bank Account
    With GoPay Plus, you will be able to transfer your balance to a bank account. It could be your parent’s, friends’, or even your bank account!
  5. Withdraw GoPay Balance Without Card in BCA ATM
    You need cash but left your ATM card behind? No need to worry, as a GoPay Plus user, you will be able to withdraw your GoPay balance at BCA ATMs without a card.
  6. Exclusive Promos
    Various exclusive promos are waiting for you, GoPay Plus users!

If you haven’t upgraded your account, you may want to do it now! It’s hassle free, you will only need Gojek apps and ID card, such as e-KTP for Indonesian citizens and passports for foreigners that belong to you.

*1 (one) ID card (e-KTP or passport) can only be used for 1 (one) Gojek account only.

Get yourself prepared, and upgrade your GoPay account to GoPay Plus by doing the following steps:

1. On the GoPay menu, click “Others”.

2. Click the banner “Upgrade to GoPay Plus”.

3. Click “Upgrade Now” to proceed.

4. Take a picture of your ID card.

5. Take a selfie with your ID card, make sure it’s clear.

6. Click “Upgrade Now” and be a GoPay Plus user!

If you don’t have any idea how to take a picture and selfie, you can check the examples below!

Photo of ID card (e-KTP/passport):

Photo of Your Selfie with ID

After going through the GoPay account upgrade process, you will be able to see the status by following these steps:

1. On the GoPay menu, click “Others”.

2. Click “Settings”.

3. Check your upgrade status in “Complete Your Data” menu:

I tried to upgrade my account to GoPay Plus, but why hasn't it been processed?

The upgrade process will take 1x24 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have further questions or any other information, you can go to Help Page or e-mail customerservice@gojek.com

If your upgrade request has been declined, you can check the reasons here.

It’s easy, right? Let’s upgrade your account to GoPay Plus now! Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family!

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