GoPayLater Buy Now, Pay Later After Payday #SemuaJadiRingan
GoPayLater Buy Now, Pay Later After Payday #SemuaJadiRingan
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Still need to buy daily necessities in the middle of the month after your payday just passes? Take it easy, #SemuaJadiRingan because there is a PayLater feature from Findaya and Gojek which is always ready to help you meet all your needs now, pay after your payday.

Watch this video to find out more about GoPayLater!

What makes GoPayLater easy to use?

  1. Simple. The registration process is easy, according to OJK regulations, you only need to prepare an e-KTP & selfie. After that, you can immediately use GoPayLater anywhere, from Gojek services, Tokopedia, GoPay Business Partners online and offline. #SemuaJadiRingan because you can buy it now, pay later after payday.
  2. Easy to control. You can control the use of GoPayLater according to your needs. There is a Choose Your Own Limit feature (Pick Your Limit) that makes #SemuaJadiRingan where you can lower and increase your own GoPayLater limit. It's easier to manage monthly finances.
  3. Transparent, no unexpected costs. For you new users, there is a FREE subscription fee promo in the first month! After that, a fee will only be charged if you use it. #SemuaJadiRingan because GoPayLater can be used many times, pay only once without any unexpected or hidden fees.
  4. Trusted. GoPayLater by Findaya is a PayLater product that is part of GoTo Financial and has been registered and supervised directly by OJK! So all your data and transactions will not be misused #SemuaJadiRingan.

There are many advantages to using the PayLater payment method from GoPayLater that can make your life easier. For those of you who already have access to GoPayLater but have never used it, let's activate it now!

For all of you new users and loyal users, enjoy various interesting promos from GoPayLater on various Gojek, Tokopedia, and other GoPay Business Partners below!

GoPayLater is a PayLater payment method where you can order various Gojek services at any time and pay only once at the end of the month after payday. This feature is a collaboration between Gojek and Findaya, which is registered and supervised by the OJK. It's easy to use, you will only need to select GoPayLater as your payment option on the check out page. Easy peasy!

Check out this information about GoPayLater!

How to Access GoPayLater

Before accessing the GoPayLater feature, make sure you already have the latest version of Gojek app. Then, you will only need a few steps to enjoy GoPayLater. Here’s how!

  1. Click GoPayLater in Gojek app and enter the OTP code.
  2. Read more about GoPayLater and click Register Now.
  3. Fill in your personal information, upload an ID card (e-KTP) photo, and take a selfie with your ID card.
  4. Wait for a while and your ID card will be processed.
  5. Sign digitally and your GoPayLater is ready to be used!

If you haven’t got the GoPayLater feature in your Gojek app, make sure you’re already at least 21 years old and an Indonesian citizen with e-KTP!

How to Use GoPayLater in Gojek App

You will be able to enjoy GoPayLater right from Gojek app.

  1. Choose GoPayLater as a payment method.
  2. Approval confirmation page will appear in every first transaction of the month.
  3. Enter your Gojek PIN to continue.

Or you will also be able to use GoPayLater in partner app.

  1. Make a transaction and pay with GoPay.
  2. In the payment method page, click GoPayLater.
  3. Make sure your transaction detail is correct, then click Pay.
  4. Enter your Gojek PIN.
  5. Done!

How to Pay GoPayLater Billing

In GoPayLater's front page, you will be able to see detailed feature information such as limit, order history, and also billing information. GoPayLater billing will be due at midnight (23:59:59 WIB) on the last day of each month. For example, your total usage in June will be due on June 30 at 23:59:59 WIB. Here’s how to pay GoPayLater billing!

  1. Click Pay to see your GoPayLater transaction details.
  2. Click Pay the Bill.
  3. Enter your Gojek PIN to continue the payment transaction.
  4. Done!

What Happens If I’m Late to Pay My GoPayLater Billing?

To be remembered, if a month has passed and you still haven’t paid your last month’s bill, GoPayLater will notify you each day until it’s paid. You will be given a period of 5 (five) days to pay your bills before being subject to daily fines. If you still haven’t made your payment on the 5th at 23:59:29 WIB in the following month, a daily fine of Rp2.000 will be applied starting on the 6th.

For now, GoPayLater is available starting from Gojek services, Tokopedia, GoPay Business Partners online and offline. #SemuaJadiRingan because you can buy now, pay later after payday.

Let’s check your Gojek apps now, who knows you are one of the lucky ones to try this feature. For more information, click here.