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Special notes while using GoSend COD

  • Service fee for GoSend COD is 5,000 VND/order
  • Payment method is cash only for COD feature.
  • Delivery fee, platform fee, and COD fee is payable by all other payment methods and must be paid first by the Sender who requests the booking
  • Please ask the end recipient to check with your driver to make sure it is the right cash amount to pay the driver
  • Driver might update price using Proof of Pickup feature
  • Driver will collect the cash when they drop off the item to end recipient
  • You must be at least  fifteen ([15]/[18]) years old to use COD as a payment method for GoSend. If You are not the sender or recipient of the Goods, you must ensure that the sender and/or recipient of the Goods is at least fifteen ([15]/[18]) years old and you shall assume responsibility for such person.

Here are quick tips for a smooth delivery

  • Provide the correct name & phone number of the recipient.
  • Inform the recipient that there is a delivery to him/her shortly and remember to keep their phone contactable.
  • Inform the recipient the amount of order