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Regulation on goods sending by GoSend

GoSend means the Transportation Service provided by a Transportation Provider, to transport Goods in a Vehicle from a pick-up location designated by the User to a third party recipient at a destination location designated by the User. Goods mean the goods or other items sent or to be sent by a User to a third party recipient by using GoSend. If you want to use the delivery service, please refer to the goods banned for GoSend service as follows: - Money (cash, coins, foreign currencies, and other valuable papers) - Stimulants, stimulants, toxic substances banned by law - Live animals and plants - Explosives and other flammable substances and goods, guns, weapons, and gun components and weapons You must provide complete and accurate information regarding the Goods to be delivered (e.g. name of goods, the weight of goods, type of goods, and other details) via the User Application. GO-VIET does not provide any boxes, cardboard, or other packaging as part of the GoSend service. You are responsible for packing the goods to be delivered according to the characteristics of those Goods. Special packaging is advised for fragile or non-durable Goods such as cakes, ice cream, food, fruits, and fresh flowers. GO-VIET is not liable for any damages or changes of form that occur during delivery. If the Goods have been packed, the Transportation Provider may ask You to open and show the inside of a package to ensure that the contents are as You have represented, and You agree to cooperate with such requests. Thanks for your interest.