News · 31 Mar 2023

GoTrishaw is here!

Feeling touristy? Nostalgic? Or just don’t feel like walking? You’re in luck ‘cause GoTrishaw is coming on 1 April 2023!

Contribute to your driver’s leg day and save the planet on 100% human-powered, environmentally-friendly, zero-carbon-emission rides. 

Book a GoTrishaw to get you through rows of heritage shophouses, Singapore sights, and even to your favorite supermarket, if you’d like.

With GoTrishaw you’ll enjoy:

Here’s how to take a GoTrishaw ride:

  1. Dress in your tourist best
    Shades, sun hat, the whole shebang.

  2. Open your Gojek app and set your pick-up and drop-off location.

  3. Close your app
    Look for a trishaw on the road instead.

  4. Can’t find one?
    Just your luck!

  5. Book a GoCar ride anyway

Ready to go? But first, what’s today’s date?


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