News · 8 May 2020

Extended Special Relief Fund for Gojek driver-partners

The Special Relief Fund (SRF) will be extended by 4.5 months under the second tranche of the Point-to-Point Support Package (PPSP) as announced by DPM on 26 March 2020. 

Gojek will continue to administer the extended SRF.            


Driver-partners can receive $10 per day per vehicle if they have met LTA’s requirements stated below. There are no additional requirements from Gojek.

Nominate your preferred platform for your SRF disbursement

Only driver-partners who have received official communication from Gojek within the driver app will be required to do the following during the nomination window of 8 to 14 May 2020.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions here. A submission of your nomination will be taken as your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
  • Nominate the platform through the notification within the driver app from which you wish the SRF to be disbursed from. You may only choose one platform with whom you have an active driver account.

All drivers-partners eligible for the extended SRF are required to submit the nomination form, including driver-partners who received the SRF during the first tranche. Driver-partners who fail to do so will not receive the extended SRF payout.

Please note that the payout frequency for Gojek is on a monthly basis.

To receive the ESRF on a monthly basis, remember to complete at least 1 trip in the preceding month with the operator that you have nominated. Please note the assessment periods and monthly Gojek payout dates as follows: 

Gojek will get back to you on your eligibility and the SRF quantum you will receive by 29 May 2020. 

Please submit your nomination by 14 May, Thursday.


  • You should only nominate ONE platform to receive the payout from. Payouts may be delayed if you nominate more than one platform or if you do not nominate any platform within the nomination window
  • A response is also required if you do not want to receive the relief or have stopped driving 
  • You will hear back on the status of your nomination on 29 May


Q: When will I receive the payout?

A: Eligible driver-partners can expect the first payout on 18 June 2020, paid monthly to your Gojek-registered bank account. You will receive your subsequent payout every month on the 3rd week of each month on Thursday.

Q: The payout was not credited into my driver wallet. What should I do?

A: The payout will be credited to your bank account registered with Gojek, and may take 5 to 7 days to process. If you need to update your bank account details, please visit

Q: What happens if I get suspended? 

A: Eligible driver-partners whose accounts become permanently suspended will cease to receive payouts from the day of suspension.

Q: Do I still qualify for Gojek’s Care Fund (GCF)? 

If you have already qualified for GCF, the existing GCF will still be applicable till 31 May 2020. You will still be eligible as long as you meet the requirement of at least 35 trips per week and maintain an 80% weekly average performance. Trip count resets every Monday at 1AM. Refer here for more details.

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