News · 26 Feb 2019

GOJEK partners with Gigacover to offer Singapore’s most extensive earnings protection to its driver-partners

  • Drivers will enjoy prolonged medical leave coverage for up to 21 days of medical leave and 84 days of hospitalisation leave 
  • GOJEK’s scheme is currently the most extensive for private-hire drivers in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 26 February 2019 – GOJEK has inked an exclusive strategic partnership with Gigacover, a Singapore-based insurance technology company focused on the protection needs of freelancers, to launch an insurance scheme that covers all its driver-partners.

As part of the scheme, all GOJEK driver-partners can enjoy a standard earnings protection coverage of $80 per day. To qualify for the coverage, driver-partners need only to pay a single, subsidised monthly rate to Gigacover, depending on their age. Top active driver-partners* will enjoy free coverage paid for by GOJEK on a quarterly basis.

Designed in close consultation with the National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA) Singapore, GOJEK’s scheme will cover driver-partners for medical leave of up to 21 days and hospitalisation leave of up to 84 days – in what is currently the most extensive earnings protection coverage offered to private-hire drivers in Singapore. Going by Gigacover’s records, road accidents involving private-hire drivers have resulted in the latter being hospitalised for as long as 70 days.

Under the partnership, all GOJEK driver-partners will enjoy exclusive preferential rates on earnings protection insurance provided by Gigacover. This is part of GOJEK’s mission to deliver better earnings protection to its driver-partners - in line with the recommendation by the Tripartite Workgroup on Self-Employed Persons** for insurance that will cover the loss of income due to prolonged illness or injury.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Manpower comments: “We are encouraged that GOJEK has worked with an insurer to develop a Prolonged Medical Leave insurance product to provide coverage for its drivers. We welcome the growing support among transport operators to protect their self-employed drivers. We hope to see even more operators also stepping forward to offer such insurance to self-employed persons they contract with.”

Lien Choong Luen, general manager of GOJEK Singapore, says: “Life throws curveballs sometimes; we don’t know what’s around the corner. GOJEK’s partnership with Gigacover is designed to provide peace of mind for our driver-partners, so that they can focus on their work without worries. Our driver-partners are our life-blood. By taking care of them, we know they will in turn take care of their passengers by delivering the best experience.

He adds: “We are thankful to our driver-partners who have stayed with us since we launched our beta ride-hailing service. We humbly ask for their support as we continually improve to do better for them. This partnership is the first of many initiatives we are launching to boost the well-being of our driver-partners. It also comes as part of our efforts to partner with local companies so that we can all grow together.”

Chua Cheng Xun, co-founder of Gigacover, says: “Our mission is to create simple, flexible and affordable insurance for freelancers, and we are thrilled to be taking a big step forward towards our goal by partnering with GOJEK to protect GOJEK’s private-hire driver-partners. GOJEK's driver-partners form a huge part of Singapore’s gig economy, an important ecosystem that Gigacover champions and whose workers we are committed to support.”

GOJEK’s earnings protection scheme will take effect from April 1, 2019. More details will be announced in due course. 

*Top active driver-partners are those who complete the most number of trips in a quarter, and are determined by GOJEK on a quarterly basis.

**The Tripartite Workgroup on Self-Employed Persons comprises officials from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore National Employers Federation and National Trades Union Congress. It was formed in 2017 to identity the main challenges faced by self-employed persons and make recommendations to address them.

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