GoCorp Business Report 2023: Digitalization of Business Operations Key to Enhancing Company Efficiency and Employee Productivity
GoCorp Business Report 2023: Digitalization of Business Operations Key to Enhancing Company Efficiency and Employee Productivity
Indonesia / 21 Sep 2023

● 75% of companies in Indonesia still use conventional systems for expense reimbursement, which remains a major obstacle for the majority of employees today.

● More than 90% of GoCorp client companies agree that the company has become more efficient in terms of both time and cost in managing business expenses.

Jakarta, September 21, 2023 - Gojek, the on-demand service business unit of GoTo Group, reaffirms its commitment to solving business hassles through GoCorp. The GoCorp Business Report 2023 offers various insights for companies on challenges and solutions to enhance company productivity through digitizing business expense management based on GoCorp's findings over the past two years.

The report, titled 'A Closer Look 2023: Mastering Business Expense Management in Indonesia', reveals that 75% of Indonesian businesses still rely on traditional or manual systems for managing expense reimbursements. Furthermore, most employees consider the reimbursement process a significant challenge when submitting their daily business expenses.

Shobhit Singhal, Chief of Transport Officer at Gojek, stated, "Our continuing commitment is to ease the lives of individual customers and businesses through the GoCorp service. During the development of GoCorp, we discovered that business expense management processes in Indonesia are still largely manual, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Even if the company already uses an app-based or online system, employees must print and collect proofs of allowance usage separately, followed by manual reporting processes that companies must perform."

Shobhit Singhal - Gojek Chief of Transport Officer opened the GoCorp ConnecTalks Forum event entitled "Challenges and solutions in increasing company productivity through digitizing business expense management" in Jakarta (21/9).

Shobhit further explained that this manual process emphasized the importance of integrating software or platforms encompassing the digitalization of business expense management processes. This is supported by the report findings, which indicate that companies adopting end-to-end technology systems can address management concerns related to efficiency, simplifying time-consuming processes, and companies lack visibility.

Over the last two years, more than 90% of GoCorp client companies agree that the company has become more efficient in terms of time and cost in managing business expenses. "GoCorp, backed by services from the Gojek ecosystem, excels in service familiarity, making the adoption process relatively easy for end-users, especially employees. Employees with access to the GoCorp system can order transportation, delivery of goods, and food purchases as easily as ordering regular Gojek services," Shobhit remarked.

Avoskin, the local skincare producer in Indonesia, has been a user of GoCorp services since 2022 and acknowledges its benefits. Annisa Amalia Ramadhani, Head of People and Culture PT AVO Innovation Technology (Avoskin), stated, "As our business grows in various regions, technology is the key to our adaptation to maintain employee productivity. This is where the advantages of the very popular Gojek service become important because our employees are already used to using Gojek every day, so the socialization process becomes easy. GoCorp has proven to help the team's daily operations efficiently regarding time, process, and cost."

(left-right) Dwibudiarti - Research Manager of YouGov Indonesia, Annisa Amalia Ramadhani - Head of People and Culture PT AVO Innovation Technology (Avoskin), and Steven Halim - Head of Transportation & Logistics Gojek in the GoCorp ConnecTalks Forum discussion session, Jakarta (21 /9).

Launched in 2021, GoCorp is Gojek's technological solution for businesses to manage company expenses for employees' operational activities, such as transportation, meals, and goods delivery. In addition to providing real-time visibility of expenditures and service usage, GoCorp's billing is tailored to use without maintenance charges and minimum usage or deposits. This variety of advantages has resulted in a threefold increase in the number of companies in Indonesia embracing GoCorp solutions over the previous year .

"Given that more than 60% of Gojek users are corporate employees, GoCorp has an enormous potential in the future. This aligns with Gojek's strategy to expand GoTo's profitability by introducing various products to target new consumer segments. Through GoCorp, we will continue to support the digitalization of business expense management in Indonesia to help companies operate more efficiently, leading to sustainable company productivity," concluded Shobhit.

The report 'A Closer Look 2023: Mastering Business Expense Management in Indonesia' by GoCorp was conducted through research on companies at multiple levels, both those who have and have not utilized GoCorp and general company employees in Indonesia. Data collection was carried out in July - August 2023 quantitatively with online surveys from YouGov and Jakpat, as well as qualitatively with direct interviews by Gojek. The total sample number is 400 companies and 313 employees spread across 100 cities in Indonesia. It uses a simple random sampling approach with a margin of error of 5% and a confidence level of 95%.

Businesses utilizing GoCorp can easily register at gojek.com/gocorp while downloading the report. Moreover, follow the GoCorp ConnecTalks series, which periodically features experts to provide insights into trends, challenges, and solutions in business expense management, along with GoCorp partners such as Aspire and Mekari.


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