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I forgot to pay my PayLater bill on time

Look, sometimes everyone forgets to pay on time. It happens. Here’s what happens on PayLater when this occurs.

First, you won’t be able to use PayLater. You will still see PayLater on the ‘Booking Confirmation’ page, but the PayLater blocked and will become unclickable with a notification of 'Repayment Overdue' and ask you to pay your dues.

Second, as we continue to temporarily freeze your PayLater payment facility, we give you a 5 (five) day grace period to pay off your Outstanding Dues before we add any fees. 

After that, we add daily late fees to your PayLater bill. We will never charge Late Fees that would make your total Additional Fees (Subscription Fee + Late Fees) exceeds your total last outstanding dues.

For Example:

Customer A
Outstanding dues: Rp50,000
Subs Fee: Rp12,500
Overdue days: 17 Days
Late Fees (Maximum): Rp50,000 - Rp12,500 = Rp37,500 (Once Late Fees hits this amount, it will be stopped)
Late Fees (Daily): Rp37,500 : 17 Days = Rp2,205

Customer B 
Outstanding dues: Rp10,000
Subs Fee: Rp25,000
Overdue days: 15 Days
Late Fees: Rp0 because the Subs Fee already exceeds the outstanding dues

What? I don’t like paying these late fees

You don’t like paying these late fees, and we don’t like charging these late fees either. The easiest way to avoid them? Pay by the last calendar day of each month.

While you’re overdue, we’ll also do the following:

  • We’ll continue sending notifications reminding you to make a repayment

Once you’re late and then you repay, all is good and your PayLater facility will be immediately reactivated.

Can you explain more about this?

Let’s suppose you use PayLater in September. If you do not make a repayment by 23:59:59 on September 30th, your PayLater account will be frozen starting 1st of October. You can still book services with GoPay or cash, but not with PayLater.

However, if repayment is still not made by midnight of October 5th, we regretfully have to charge you a Late Fee until you successfully make a repayment for the due amount, plus the late fee.

*If you currently do not yet have access to PayLater, hang in there!  We are currently working on making it available to more users