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I forgot to pay my PayLater bill on time

To pay your bills, you can access the PayLater page.

  • You will see the number of youroutstanding dues on the PayLater homepage

 (The image above is just a sample)

  • Click ‘Make repayment’ to pay your bills

If you forget to pay bills on time. Here’s what happens on PayLater when this occurs.

First,you won’t be able to use PayLater until you pay your Outstanding Dues.

Second, as we continue to temporarily freeze your PayLater payment facility, we give you a 5 (five) day grace period to pay off your Outstanding Dues before we add any fees.

After that, we add daily late fees to your PayLater bill. We will never charge Late Fees that would make your total Additional Fees (Subscription Fee + Late Fees) exceeds your total last outstanding dues.

For example:


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