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How to pay my PayLater bill

We make repayment of your PayLater easy through your GoPay wallet. 

In order to make a successful repayment, you need to have sufficient GoPay balance. If you don’t have sufficient balance, please top up first through one of the available channels. 

You can make a repayment from PayLater home page which you can access by:

  1. Clicking on the PayLater tile in the ‘More’ menu of GoPay section, or


  1. Clicking on a push notification we send you or a card on the Gojek home screen.
    We will start sending you these reminders on 25th of each month you have any outstanding dues as well as on the due date itself.

On the PayLater home page, you can check if you have any outstanding dues that need to be repaid. Just click on the ‘Outstanding Dues’ section in the home page to see a breakdown. 

To make a repayment from your GoPay balance, simply click the ‘Make Repayment’ button at the bottom of the screen.

PayLater Home Page

Can I make a partial repayment?

Currently, only a full repayment for your Outstanding Dues is allowed. You cannot make a partial payment that is less than the total of your Outstanding Dues. Remember, all PayLater transactions within a calendar month are due at midnight (23:59:59) WIB on the last day of the month.

What if I still have not repaid my Outstanding Dues?

If you still have not repaid and it’s past the due date, we will keep on reminding you everyday until you have successfully made a repayment. Reminders will be sent to you by these channels

  • Push notifications: Please make sure that you have enabled notifications from the Gojek app
  • Home page cards (on your app Home Screen): You may or may not see a card on your Gojek home page reminding you to make a repayment, depending on when you open the app. But, you should still get a reminder via push notifications

How to pay the bills when Paylater said I am not eligible, but I’ve already used it before?

You can try to do these things below:

  1. Clear cache your Gojek App
  2. Log out from you Gojek App (make sure your registered number is still active so you can receive the OTP code for log in)
  3. Uninstall your Gojek App
  4. Restart your phone
  5. Try to re-log in to your Gojek App
  6. Try to pay your PayLater bills again

If you’re still experiencing the problem after following those steps, you can send an email to support@findaya.com and tell us the details of your problem.

When is the payment due date for my PayLater usage?

Okay, to make it simple, each usage of your PayLater will be billed on the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st, according to the latest date of your usage month.

You can also read this article for the illustrations of PayLater usage.