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PayLater subscription fees

Your PayLater usage in the first month is freeof subscription fees.

But afterwards if you make at least 1 (one) PayLater transaction in the calendar month, there will be a monthly subscription fee that you must pay. You can see the nominal on your Gojek app.


If the first month in which you start using PayLater is March 2020, then you won't be charged any fee for that month.

But then if you use PayLater in April 2020 at least once, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee for April.

*Your free trial month will be extendeduntil the end of the following month if you use PayLater for the first time within5 (five) days before your first due date.

Example: If your first transaction using PayLater is on March 28th 2020, then your free trial month will be extended until the end of April.


  • No matter how many times you use PayLater in a month, you will only get charged the monthly subscription fee once
  • If you did not make any transactions with PayLaterwithin the calendar month and find information on your PayLater home screen as shown below, it means that you don't need to pay any fees

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