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How do I use PayLater to pay my order?

You can use PayLater to pay at GoPay Merchants or when you order selected Gojek services by simply following these steps:

  • For your first usage, click the PayLater iconon the Gojek app homepage or GoPay Moremenu. Then, click ‘Activate PayLater’.

    PayLater will then be your default payment method on your next order.  
  • Click ‘Let’s order’ or you can directly select the Gojek service that you want to order.

    For payment at an online merchant, select ‘Pay’.

    *PayLater is temporarily unavailable for QR code transactions (QRIS).
  • Select PayLater on the payment method menu.

    If PayLater does not appear as one of the payment methods when you want to pay your order, it means that PayLater is still not available for you on that particular service.  
  • Click ‘Order/Pay’ to place your order/complete the transaction.
  • On your first PayLater usage in every month, you will get confirmation notification*  informing that you chose PayLater as your default payment method with monthly fee details that will be charged.

    Click‘Continue’ to continue ordering with PayLater, or click'Other Methods' to choose another payment method.

*Confirmation notification will appear on Gojek app version 3.55 above and won’t show when you order GoFood.


  • For payments at online and offline merchants, follow the directions of payment with GoPay as usual, then select 'PayLater' on the Payment Method page.
  • If you currently do not yet have access to PayLater, hang in there! We are currently working on making it available to more users.

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