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What is PayLater Credit Limit?

PayLater credit limit is the maximum amount of credit you can use to pay for transactions with PayLater. Each time you make a transaction with PayLater, it deducts from your PayLater Available Balance, and when the transaction is completed, it gets added to your PayLater Outstanding Dues. You can use all of the PayLater limit that you have before you make repayment. 

You can make a repayment for your Outstanding Dues anytime during the month, but you have to pay it no later than the last day of the month. Once you repay your Outstanding Dues plus any applicable fees, your Available Balance will return to your Credit Limit. 

Don’t be alarmed when the sum of your Available Balance and Outstanding Dues is less than your Credit Limit. This could be because you have ongoing PayLater transaction(s) pending to be completed. The order amount was immediately deducted from your Available Balance upon ordering, but only reflected in the Outstanding Dues after the order is delivered to you. 

If you have used up your entire Credit Limit assigned, your PayLater Available Balance will become Rp0, and you will not be able to use PayLater to pay for any more services until you have made a repayment.  

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PayLater Limit reached 

See the illustration below for another example of PayLater usage 

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