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What is PayLater?

PayLater is a feature that allows eligible users* to order Gojek services such as GoFood, GoRide, GoCar, GoSend, GoBluebird, GoPulsa, GoTix, GoBills**, and make transaction at GoPay Merchants now and pay back the latest at the end of the month.

Have you ever been craving some Martabak or you need to go to the nearest mall but low on GoPay balance and feel so lazy to top up?

With PayLater, we got you! Just place the order and choose PayLater as your payment option, problem solved! As easy as using GoPay except you don’t have to worry to pay until the end of the month. Every voucher, promotion, and discounts that are available for GoPay will be available for PayLater too.

You're a selected eligible user who can use PayLater if you see the following:

  • PayLater icon on GoPay feature on your Gojek app homepage and in the ‘More’ menu of GoPay feature
paylater eng

  • PayLater activation notificationwhen you click the PayLater icon
paylater eng

  • PayLater bubble on your payment method options when you’re about to make a payment
paylater eng

  • PayLater is one of the payment method options on the check-out page for particular Gojek services
paylater eng

  • Notification(s) about PayLater from your Gojek app

If you see those 5 (five) things above, it means you can activate PayLater by clicking the green ‘Activate PayLater’ button and immediately start using PayLater. 

*If currently you don’t have access to PayLater, hang in there! We are working on making it available to more users.

**If PayLater does not appear as one of the payment methods when you want to pay your order, it means that PayLater is still not available for you on that particular service.

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