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How to order GoShop

The food or item you want to buy is not listed on GoFood or GoMart? Don’t worry, you can use GoShop to get it all!

Follow the steps below:

  • Choose GoSend in the homepage. Or, swipe up the services menu to find GoSend

menu layanan

  • Click ‘Order now’ to find the store location that you want, or you can also choose a store from the recommendation list
  • In some selected shops you can directly select the items and contact the shop by clicking the WhatsApp icon
shop list

  • Click ‘Add item’ and write the item description you want to buy along with the estimated price
goshop eng
  • Click ‘Save’ everytime you add an item, then continue the process
  • In the Order Confirmation page, recheck your order and click ‘Order GoShop’ to make an order


  • You can't use GoShop to buy digital products such as phone credits (pulsa), pay for online orders, etc.
  • The maximum distance of GoShop service is 25 km
  • You can choose a store with a maximum distance of 100 km from your location when ordering
  • Parking fees and tolls prior to purchase of goods is the driver responsibility, unless it’s previously agreed to be paid by the customer
  • Parking fees and tolls after the purchase of goods are the responsibility of the customer, with prior agreement before entering the parking area and toll lane
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