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Why can’t I buy GoPoints voucher?

If you cannot buy a voucher using your GoPoints point, please make sure the following: 

  • Your points are sufficient to redeem GoPoints voucher 
  • Your Gojek account is active 
  • You haven't reached the purchase limit at a certain time according to the applicable terms and conditions of the voucher 
  • You use the latest version of the Gojek app 
  • If you have done the steps above but you are still experiencing the same problem, please try to log out and log in again. 

    How do I find my voucher that I’ve just bought? 

    You can find the voucher that you’ve purchased on ‘Promos’ feature on the top right corner of Gojek homepage or in 'My Voucher'on the 'Account’page 

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    You can also see all vouchers that have been purchased in 'My Voucher’ on the 'My Account’ page.

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    On the voucher page, you can see the terms, conditions, and validity period of your voucher.