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How to exchange my points into voucher

Another benefit of using Gojek is you can get various vouchers by redeeming your points. It's as easy as ABC, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Gojek app and choose GoPoints in Gojek services

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  • Click ‘Let me see!’ and you will see the list of vouchers that you can exchange with your points

  • Click the voucher you want. Make sure you have sufficient points to exchange it with the voucher

  • When you click the voucher you want, you can see the T&C;, how to use, and the description of your voucher

  • Choose the number of voucher(s) you want, then click 'Buy Voucher' to exchange the voucher(s) with your points

  • Vouchers that have been exchanged will be available in'Promos’ feature on the top right corner of Gojek homepage or in 'My Voucher' on the 'Account’page
  • Click ‘Use’ if you want to use your voucher(s)

General terms and conditions: 

  • Make sure you’ve chosen the voucher with label 'Buy with GoPoints’ if you want to exchange using your GoPoints point
  • Points that you have collected are valid for 6 months each year. But don't you worry! You can still redeem the points that you have collected for a maximum of 6 months into a voucher, as long as the voucher is still available.
    For more info about the validity period of points click here
  • There is no maximum time limit for collecting points. You can still redeem your points whenever the voucher you want is available
  • All vouchers are available as an e-voucher
  • All voucher you’ve bought can be found in'Promos’feature on the top right corner of Gojek homepage or in'My Voucher'on the 'Account’page, including its details
  • Voucher period can be found in each voucher’s details
  • How-to-use, terms, and conditions of vouchers are various, you can see it on each voucher
  • The availability of vouchers is limited. If you do not find the voucher, then the voucher is not available or expired.

What if I haven't received the voucher that I exchanged?
If you haven't received the voucher you've exchanged, clickHEREto see the solution.