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How to find my voucher

You can find all of your vouchers that you have such as vouchers that you exchanged with, GoPoints points, Subscriptions, Missions, or other vouchers in 2 (two) ways: on the top right corner of Gojek homepage, or in the My Account page.

Wait.. do you know the difference between Vouchers, Subscriptions, and Mission? We don’t want to make you confused.. So, let us tell you the difference:

  • Vouchers: 'Vouchers' are vouchers that you get when you successfully redeem your GoPoints points, vouchers that you get once you purchased 'Subscription' package, vouchers that you get after redeemed Gojek promo code, or vouchers that you get directly from Gojek .
  • Subscriptions: These are subscription voucher packages that Gojek offers
  • Missions: Join a mission and get cashback or Gojek services voucher as a reward once you have completed all tasks from the mission.

Let’s follow these steps to see where your vouchers are:


  • Open Gojek app
  • You will find'Promos'feature on the top right corner of your Gojek homepage

media url

  • Then you will see all vouchers that you have

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You can see the voucher in 'My Voucher'in the'My Account’page.

Always check the terms, conditions, and voucher’s validity period. When the voucher is expired, it will disappear from this page.