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Picking my GoPayLater limit

We have great news!

Right now, picking a limit is available for GoPayLater users. You’ll see a “Pick a limit” option under the “Explore” section of your GoPayLater homepage. Simply tap it and pick your preferred limit by sliding through the options. Then, enter your PIN to confirm the new limit, and you’re all set!

Make sure your Gojek app version is the latest version so you can get the feature.

When will my new limit become activated?

  • If you have not yet used GoPayLater this month, your new limit will become activated immediately
  • If you have already used GoPayLater this month, your new limit will become activated next month, as long as you’ve repaid this month’s dues. If you are overdue, repay your dues first so we can activate your new limit.

Please remember: We won’t charge you the GoPayLater fee if you don’t use GoPayLater in that month. This goes for your new limit as well.

How often can I change my limit?

As often as you’d like! However, the changes will happen based on the rules mentioned above.

How do I get access to higher limits?

We periodically increase the limits for frequent GoPayLater users who always repay on time. Keep using GoPayLater, and you may just become selected for a limit upgrade! If you have received a higher limit, you’ll see this banner:

We hope this information helps you.  

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