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How to activate GoPayLater for new users

If you are eligible for GoPayLater access and want to activate it, please make sure that you have already upgraded your GoPay account to GoPay Plus. If you haven’t upgraded it yet, please see the article: Upgrade to GoPay Plus.

If you’re already a GoPay Plus user, here’s how to activate GoPayLater:

  • Open GoPayLater homepage via GoPay bar or the GoPayLater icon from Gojek home

  • Enter OTP code. Remember not to share the code to anyone including people who claim as Gojek!

  • Start the application process. Do not forget to prepare your ID (eKTP for Indonesian Citizens).

    This step is important to ensure your security when using GoPayLater

  • Once the application process is completed, you will have to wait for a maximum of 1x24 hours for the result (approved or rejected). You can check the result in the GoPayLater homepage.

  • If you are approved, the last step is to sign a loan agreement for GoPayLater. 

You will be navigated to a Privy page to sign the GoPayLater agreement. Once signed, this agreement can always be viewed via GoPay settings> GoPayLater > View Loan Agreement

Done! You can immediately use GoPayLater for your transactions.


Currently, GoPayLater is eligible for selected Indonesian Citizens. Keep using GoPay to increase your chance to be an eligible user :)

What if my application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, there may be an issue with your documents such as blurry photos or details in your ID that are not readable. But you can try it again and make sure all of the photos and the information in your ID are clear. 

Is it possible to update my data?

Sorry, unfortunately you can not update your submitted data.

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