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About token to play Suwit game

Here are the terms and conditions of token/opportunity to play the Suwit game that you need to know and understand:

  • To play the Suwit game, you need a token
  • You can get tokens by sending a GoPay balance starting from Rp1 to your friends. Read more about how to send Gopay balance to other users here.
  • You will get 1 (one) token for playing the Suwit game every time you send a GoPay balance
  • You will only get tokens to play the Suwit game if you choose 'Friends' privacy mode when sending your GoPay balance to other users and add them as your GoPay friend. You will not get a token when you select ‘Private’ privacy mode.
  • There are 2 (two) types of tokens that you can get:

1. Black Token

  • Reward ranging from Rp1.001 - Rp1.000.000
  • You can get it by sending/receiving a GoPay balance to/from new friends (other users who weren't your GoPay friends before the Suwit game period starts)

2. Blue Token

  • Reward ranging from Rp1 - Rp1.000.000
  • You will get it every time you send/receive a GoPay balance to/from an existing GoPay friend

Read more about Suwit game rewards here.

  • You can see the tokens/playing opportunities that you have with your GoPay friends on the Suwit game main page (Select 'Explore' on your Gojek app homepage to access GoPay Feed, then click theSuwit banner)
  • During the Suwit program period, you can get 10 tokens maximum from sending your GoPay balance to your friends (as shown in the indicator on the main page of Suwit game). After that, you can still get tokens if you receive a GoPay balance from other GoPay users.
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