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GoPay Special Promo

GoPay promo is everywhere! There are various kinds of promo that you can enjoy, from discount, direct cashback and also cashback voucher.

To check the available GoPay promo, check the steps below: 


  1. Click 'Promo' on GoPay features

  1. Now you will be available to see various GoPay promo
  2. Click the image to see the promo details

You also can check GoPay promo information on our Instagram account at @gopayindonesia. Or you can use GoNearby feature as well to see merchant with promos near you. (Click here to see how to use Nearby feature).

Is there any maximum cashback that I can receive?
For transaction at GoPay Merchant (Offline transaction), there is a maximum cashback that you can get each month. Please see the information about maximum cashbackhere.  

How do I know if I already received cashback or cashback voucher?

You will get a message when you receive the cashback in your 'Inbox' menu. Or you can see in your 'History' menu to check it.