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How to cash out GoPay balance

Here’s how to use the Cash Out feature:

  • On GoPay features choose ‘More’ > ‘Cash Out’
  • Choose the amount you need, then click ‘Continue’
  • Confirm your cash out amount then click ‘Continue’
  • Enter your GoPay PIN
  • Then you will receive the transaction code and customer ID*

For the final step, go to the nearest ATM BCA, tab thecardless withdrawal feature then enter your customer ID and the transaction code to proceed the cash out transaction.

*You also can check yourcustomer IDandtransaction codefrom thecash out statusmenu that you can find when you choose the amount to cash out

Can I share the transaction code to cash out GoPay balance?

Yes you can, but please make sure you only share it with someone you trust.

Never share the cash out transaction code to someone you don’t know or any party who claims from Gojek Indonesia.By sharing the cash out transaction code, you are aware that the person who gets the code can cash out your GoPay balance via ATM BCA

Once you’re aware of it, you can follow these steps below to share the transaction code:

  • Choose the Share Icon on the transaction code and customer ID page

  • Choose the channels you want to use to share the code

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