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How to withdraw GoPay balance

You can withdraw your GoPay balance to the registered bank account(s) using GoJek app. Before you use withdraw feature, please make sure things below:

  1. You have upgraded your GoPay account
  2. You have registered your bank account correctly

Here is how to register your bank account in GoPay correctly

  1. Choose More on GoPay menu
  2. Choose Withdraw 
  3. Choose your Bank Name
  4. Enter Bank Account Name (account holder name) as written on Passbook (you can only use alphabets, space, and dot in bank account name)
  5. Enter Bank Account Number as written on Passbook

Here’s the example of registering your bank account correctly:

media url

If you have registered your bank account, you can follow these easy steps to withdraw your GoPay balance:

  1. Choose 'More’ in GoPay menu
  2. Choose ‘Withdraw
  3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw in ‘Withdraw Amount’ field
  4. Choose bank account you want to transfer the money, then click ‘Withdraw
  5. Please make sure your transaction details then click ‘Confirm
  6. Enter your GoPay PIN
  7. Your withdraw will be processed


  • Minimum withdraw GoPay balance: Rp10.000
  • Every withdraw transaction will be charged by Rp2.500
  • Any withdrawal request will be processed on the same day
  • You will get a notification or check 'Inbox' menu on GoJek app to see your transaction status (Successful or Failed)