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Simple ways to top up GoPay

Pay all your order through Gojek easier and cheaper using GoPay.

Don’t have enough GoPay balance? It's easy peasy. There are various ways to top up your GoPay balance, just choose what fits you best!


OK, tell me!

You can top your GoPay credit through these 5 (five) ways: 

  1. BCA OneKlik
  2. Bank transfer
    • ATM
    • Mobile Banking
    • SMS Banking
  3. Transfer via Driver
    • GoRide
    • GoFood
    • GoShop
    • GoCar
  4. Alfa Group
    • Alfamart
    • Alfamidi
    • Lawson
    • Dan+Dan
  5. Pegadaian

How's the steps?

First, choose 'Top Up' on the main menu. Now on the top up page you can do:

Instant Top Up using BCA OneKlik

  1. You can directly top up your GoPay credit in Gojek app using BCA OneKlik*.
    *Click here to see detail information to top up using BCA OneKlik

How to see GoPay Top Up full instructions

If you want to see how to top up GoPay balance from Bank Transfer, Transfer via Driver, Alfa Group, Pegadaian, check these easy steps below:

  1. Click ‘Instructions’on Top Up Page
  2. Choose the way you want to top up your balance, and you'll see more information on how to tup up GoPay balance.

Here’s what you can do on'Instructions'page:

  • Check the Administration fee and the minimum top up
  • Copy your Virtual Account Gojek to top up GoPay credit 

Will I get charged with a fee if I top up my GoPay credits?
You will be charged with a fee using some ways of GoPay top up. Please click here for more information.

Is there a limit to top up my GoPay credit?

Your limit to top up GoPay credit depends on your GoPay account. Click here to find out the GoPay limit.