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Simple ways to top up GoPay

You can top your GoPay balance through bank transfer, transfer via driver, Alfa group, and using BCA OneKlik on Gojek app.

Important! Every GoPay top up transaction will be received to your destination phone number, even though the number is inactive. So, it is important to always make sure that your registered phone number is still in use and active. Clickhere if you've changed your number.

To see full instructions to top up GoPay balance or to top up using BCA OneKlik, you can follow these steps: 

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  1. Choose'Top Up'on GoPay features
  2. Choose 'Instant’if you want directly top up your GoPay balance on Gojek app using BCA OneKlik.
    *Clickhereto see detail information to top up using BCA OneKlik 
  3. Choose'Instructions'to see:
  • More information on how to top up GoPay balance
  • Check the Administration fee and the minimum top up 
  • Copy your Virtual Account Gojek to top up GoPay balance 

Is there a limit to top up my GoPay credit?
Your limit to top up GoPay credit depends on your GoPay account. Clickhereto find out the GoPay limit.

I have successfully top up, but my GoPay balance has not added yet..
Don’t worry, you can tell us what happened inthisarticle.