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How to check cashback summary and limit

To check your cashback summary and limit, follow these steps:

1. Click'More'on GoPay features, then choose 'Promo' 


2. Choose 'Cashback Summary' banner

limit cashback

3. You can check your cashback earnings (excluding cashback from Mission reward) and limit here: 

limit cashback
  • Lifetime Earnings shows the total cashback that you get so far since your first transaction using GoPay.

    Click on 'See recent history' to see the amount of cashback you have received over the past three months.

    If you want to know the cashback that you get from certain transactions, you can see it on  GoPay transaction history page.
  • Earnings in (month & year) shows the total cashback you get this month.
  • Go make the most of the monthly limit shows the comparison between the total cashback that you get this month and the cashback limit that you can get each month (maximum Rp50.000 per month).