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How to play the Suwit game

Make sure you have updated your Gojek app to the latest version, then follow these steps to play the Suwit game:

1. Select 'Explore' on your Gojek app homepage to access GoPay Feed, then click the Suwit banner

2. Click ‘Send GoPay to invite friends’, then send a GoPay balance starting from Rp1 to your friends to get an opportunity to play (token). You can also send GoPay balance via the 'Pay' or 'Chat' feature.


  • When you access the Suwit game main page for the first time, you will be asked to transfer/request GoPay balance first. You can transfer/receive GoPay balance to/from your friends starting from Rp1 which will become your token to play Suwit.
  • If you haven't upgraded your account to GoPay Plus, you will be directed to upgrade it first
  • You will only get tokens if you choose the 'Friends' privacy mode when sending your GoPay balance to other users and add the receiver as your GoPay friend
  • The tokens and rewards that you might win will be different when you send your GoPay balance to new and existing friends. Read more about the Suwit game tokens here.

3. After getting a token, select a friend that you want to play with

4. You can start playing! Choose Rock, Paper, or Scissors and wait for your friend to reply*.

Just like the rock, paper, scissors hand game, the winner will be determined based on the following rules:

  • Scissors beat Paper
  • Paper beats Rock
  • Rock beats Scissors

*If your opponent is not online, you can send a challenge message to them via WhatsApp app. You will get a game result notification after your friend chooses their weapon.

5. If you win, you will immediately receive your GoPay balance reward according to the nominal stated in the win notification :)

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