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How to pay using GoPay Code

Now you can use GoPay Code feature to pay at Alfamart by showing your GoPay Code from Gojek app to the cashier.

There are two types of GoPay Code to make a payment which are Barcode and QR Code. Before you pay using GoPay Code, make sure you have updated your Gojek app into the latest version and already set the GoPay PIN*.

*Click here to set the GoPay PIN 

How do I make a payment with QR Code?

Easy as pie!

  1. Open Gojek app
  2. Click Pay on GoPay Menu
  3. Choose GoPay Code

  1. Enter GoPay PIN to display GoPay Code 

  1. Select one of GoPay Code (Barcode or QR Code). You can tap one of GoPay Code to expand the code
  2. Show GoPay Code to the Alfamart cashier. The cashier will scan your GoPay code
  3. You will be notified once the payment has succeed

Please note that GoPay Code will be expired after 90 (ninety) seconds. But do not worry, when you exceed the time limit, you can click Renew Code to show your new GoPay Code.

Is there any minimum or maximum transaction using GoPay Code?

Yup! The minimum transaction using GoPay Code at Alfamart is Rp1.000, and the maximum transaction using GoPay Code is Rp500.000. If you want to make a payment above the maximum limit, you can ask the cashier on Alfamart to split your bill.