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How do I transfer GoPay balance?

Before you do a transfer, make sure you've already upgraded your GoPay account (See article "Easy way to upgrade your GoPay account"). You can do transfer to your friend's account as a new feature from GoPay without any additional charges. 

There are 3 (three) ways you can transfer GoPay:

  1. Choose 'Pay' on GoPay features. In 'Pay' feature, you can simply scan the receiver's QR code

  1. Click Phone Number then input/choose your friend’s phone number registered to GoJek, or scan the receiver’s QR Code. *To show QR Code, choose 'More' on GoPay features then click 'Request'

Here’s how to view the QR Code from the receiver:

  • Go to GoPay features, click 'More' and choose 'Request'
  • The QR code will appear

  • Enter your friend’s phone number registered to GoJek by clicking 'Phone Number' on 'More Payment Options'

  • Enter the desired amount to be transferred, then click 'Confirm'.
  • Choose'Pay' in Review Payment page

  • Enter your GoPay PIN, and yay! you have successfully transferred your balance to your friend’s account

  • To see more information about your transfer, you can swipe up to Receiver Detail on Payment successful page or you can see it on History.
  1. Now on the latest version of GoJek app there’s new GoChat feature that you can use to transfer GoPay balance to GoJek users. Find out more here.

Always make sure you have entered the right transfer amount and destination phone number, also receiver’s GoPay balance doesn’t exceed the specified limit.
*See article "Is there a limit to my GoPay balance" for more information.