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What is GoPay Feed?

GoPay Feed feature is a feature where you can add other Gojek users as friends, make an interaction on the feed such as give like or commenton every GoPay balance transfer transaction’s posts. 

To add other Gojek users as friends so that you can interact and play games on the GoPay Feed feature, all you have to do is transfer your GoPay balance to other Gojek customers that you want to add as friends.

Can I delete GoPay Feed feature?

We’re sorry to inform you that the GoPay Feed feature can’t be deleted from Gojek app.

If you don't want to use the GoPay Feed because you want your transfer moments to be private so other people won’t be able to see, you can change your moment privacy to private.

Someone is using my profile on GoPay Feed
Please tell your GoPay friends to always check the phone number used if someone else is using your profile, pretending to be you, and asking for a GoPay transfer via GoPay Feed.

If the phone number is unknown, please remind themto not transfer the GoPay balance to the person who’s using your profile.

You can also make sure the things above if you find someone is using your friends’ profile and request GoPay balance to you.

If you encounter any such incident, pleasereport it to us by clicking the Contact Us button below. We will help you to investigate this problem.

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

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