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What is Suwit Game

Suwit is a game that you can play on the Gojek app with your GoPay friends. You and your friend will play the rock, paper, scissors game (just like the traditional hand game we usually play) to get a chance to win GoPay balance up to Rp1.000.000 as a reward!

Who can play the Suwit game?

You and your GoPay friends who have upgraded your account to GoPay Plus.

(Your GoPay friends can be seen on the GoPay Feed)

GoPay friends are other GoPay users who:

  • Have made a GoPay balance transfer transaction with you – either sending a GoPay balance to you or receiving a GoPay balance from you; and
  • You add as a friend or add you as a friend when sending the balance.

Read more about how to add new GoPay friends here.

Where can I find the Suwit game at Gojek app?

You can find the Suwit game on your GoPay Feed by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Gojek app
  2. Select 'Explore' on Gojek app homepage

3. Click the Suwit banner* on the GoPay Feed and you can start playing!

*If you can’t find the Suwit banner, try to force close the Gojek app then open it again


If you see the following screen after clicking 'Explore', you need to request or send a GoPay balance first to see the GoPay Feed and Suwit banner.

Don’t worry, you only need to transfer/receive GoPay balance starting from Rp1 which will also become your token to play Suwit.

Read more about the Suwit game here: Play Suwit with New GoPay Friends and Win GoPay up to IDR 1 Million

Find out how to play the Suwit game here: How to play the Suwit game

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