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Somebody used my account

The activity of keeping your account safe such as not sharing it with other people is an important thing to do in order to avoid scammers, especially the ones who says on behalf of Gojek, PT Dompet Anak Bangsa (GoPay), and/or its affiliations.

These are some important tips from us of how to always keep your Gojek account safe:

  1. Keep your OTP code secured as it's very important and private
  2. Do not give your OTP code to others, even if someone says they are from Gojek
  3. Set your GoPay PIN immediately to secure your GoPay balance
  4. You can manage the devices that are connected to your Gojek account in Logged In Devices menu.

Gojek Indonesia never asks for the 4-digits number. So, if anyone asks for OTP code on behalf of Gojek Indonesia, please do not share it.

To find out more about keeping your account secured click this link.

If you feel that there is another unknown device connected to your Gojek account without your permission, please report it to us via Gojek Help page (under My Account menu) or pressing the Help button on the Logged in Device page. We will process your report as soon as we can do to retrieve your account back.

Click here to see the details of Logged in Devices