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GoMart order status

Track your GoMart orders through Gojek app using order tracking feature. With that feature You can see your order status, so you don't need to wonder where your items and the driver at.

These are how to track the status of your GoMart order: 

  1. Open your Gojek app and choose GoMart
  2. You will see icon at the right of the top of the screen
  3. Click the icon and track the order status of your item

There are 5 GoMart order statuses: 

  • Order confirmed 

media url

In this status, your order has been accepted by GoMart and being processed to find a driver who will purchased your order.
*Important note: If driver has not been found, please do not cancel your order because our system is still going on finding driver for you. 

  • Yay! Driver Found 

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In this status, your driver has been found and on the way purchasing your order to the nearest shop to buy your order

  • Purchasing order 

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In this status, your driver has purchased your order.

  • Delivering order 

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If the status changes like this, it means that the driver is delivering your order to your delivery destination.

  • Completed 

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In this status, your driver has delivered the order to you.

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