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GoMart order statuses in supermarket

On your GoMart order page, you can find the latest status with the following details:

  • Order confirmed 

Your order is accepted and the system will find a shopper who will help you to prepare the order.

Important note: If a shopper has not been found, please do not cancel your order because our system is still in the process of finding a shopper for you.

  • Getting your order ready

Yay! We’ve found a shopper and will prepare your order immediately.In this status, you can see the shopper’s name who helped prepare your order. 

  • Your order is ready

The shopper has finished preparing your order and ready to be picked up by the driver. 

  • Picking up order

Your driver took your order at the supermarket. 

  • Delivering order

If the status changes like this, it means that the driver is delivering your order to your delivery destination.

  • Order delivered

In this status, your driver has delivered the order to you.

Thank you for using GoMart! #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to shop easier, practical, and faster with GoMart.

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