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GoMart's Shopper

To provide you with a better GoMart shopping experience, now GoMart has a service for shopping from supermarkets (such as LotteMart). To ensure a comfortable and fast shopping experience for you, GoMart will also place a shopper as a shopping assistant in the supermarket.

Not much different from the way GoMart orders in minimarkets where drivers help you buy your orders, now there is a shopper that will help you also to buy your orders in supermarkets. That way, the quality of groceries becomes more reliable.

It's easy,  just choose a supermarket (such as LotteMart) on GoMart home page and then the shopper will receive your order and choose the best quality product for you. Once your order is complete, the shopper will give the products to the driver to be delivered to your address according to  the app.

Enjoy your new shopping experience with shoppers :)

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