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How do I get fare estimate for my delivery?

Want to check the estimated price of sending goods using GoSend? Or do you want to check the price of sending GoFood to your crush? Here's how to see estimated cost rates in Gojek services: 

  1. Select the Gojek service that you want on the Gojek application home page

  1. If you want to use GoFood, you choose the food first, or if you want to send items using GoSend or GoBox, you can write the details of the package / item you want to send. After that, you select the destination and shipping details on the order confirmation page to continue.

(sample on GoFood service)

  1. Then, you choose the payment method using cash or GoPay. Keep in mind, different payment methods will affect the total cost of delivery. If you have active voucher that according to the service chosen, the delivery fees that appear in the application are automatically deducted according to the voucher value
  2. You will see estimated service charge rates in the application. Because you only want to check the delivery fee, then you don't need to press the 'Order' button!

(sample on GoFood service)