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How to use GoBills

To use GoBills, you can follow the steps below:

Pay Bills

  1. Choose the service/product you want to pay
  2. Input your Customer ID
  3. The amount of the bill you need to pay will appear on the screen
  4. Click 'Pay'
  5. Input GoPay PIN and your transaction is being proceed

Buy digital voucher

  1. Choose digital voucher you want to buy
  2. Enter your Customer/User/Player ID if it’s needed
  3. Choose amount of voucher then click 'Next'
  4. Click'Pay Now'
  5. Enter GoPay PIN and your transaction is being proceed

*Based on BPJS Kesehatan's new policy,  you have to set an auto-debit method for the payment.  Therefore, please make sure you have set the auto-payment feature on GoBills for your BPJS payment before September 1st 2020.

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